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The 'Isle' mobile power station.

You can power the Library!

Ah, the memories of the end of the semester in the SMCM Library. Working with friends until 2:00am. Eagerly awaiting the basket of snacks. Finding a bean bag chair to nap in. - Making your way through the snake pit of extension cords?!?!

You can help us exterminate the extension cords!

Your donations will be used to purchase an 'Isle' just like the one in the video above. This portable power supply station will make the experience of students writing papers and studying for exams that much more comfortable and less stressful. How many times did you have to pass on a comfy couch or chair just because your machine needed juice?

Send what you can, and we’ll be able to put some of those extension cords away forever!

How can you help?

Helping the Library purchase this piece of equipment will add much versatility to our study spaces, allowing us to better serve the technology needs of our students.

Together we can make it happen. Here’s How!

  • With your help we raise $1,565

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