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The WGSX Program is committed to the centrality of the study of women and to the analysis of gender and sexuality as organizing cultural categories. WGSX courses, offered in disciplines across campus, identify gender as a foundational category of analysis, both in theory as well as practice. WGSX courses also allow students to study women's history, material realities, and achievements; to investigate how gender and sexuality are represented in visual and written texts; and to examine feminist and queer critiques of both society as well as academic areas of knowledge.

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Since its inception in Spring 2000, the annual WGSX Colloquium has become an established tradition at St. Mary’s College. This very successful annual program has regularly drawn large audiences to events that have offered powerful interdisciplinary combinations of scholarly discourse and artistic expression (including film screenings, theatrical performances, and exhibitions) to discuss a topic critical to the lives of women. Recent themes have included "“Overworked and Underpaid: Gendered Labor in the 21st Century,” "Choices and Lives: Abortion After Roe v. Wade," and“Going Viral: 30 Years of Living with HIV/AIDS.”

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