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Together our community ensures the vitality and success of St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Each member contributes to the collective by emulating the value and importance of the St. Mary’s education, furthering the body of academic research, and financially supporting current and future students.

In fiscal year 2013, which ended in June, 1,510 alumni and 419 parents made gifts to the St. Mary’s College Foundation. Because of these gifts and the many gifts to the Foundation’s endowment in years past, nearly $1 million supported scholarships, student travel to professional conferences, library enhancements, classroom and lab equipment, and many other programs integral to the overall academic experience at St. Mary’s College.

If everyone who is part of the community that cares about the future of St. Mary’s College were to make a gift, we could dramatically impact the experience for current and future students.

How can you help?

  • If every alumnus were to give just $25, we would have more than $250,000 to fund scholarships, student and faculty research, and general campus improvements.

  • If every alumni were to give $9 per month, over $1 million would be added to the bottom line, doubling the support the Foundation gives to the College each year.

  • If just 200 more alumni give this fiscal year, we can raise our alumni giving participation rate from 16% to 18%, doing our part to maintain the Colleges national reputation.

The online goal for the St. Mary's Fund is to raise $50,000 for fiscal year 2014.

Together we can make it happen. Here’s How!

  • With your help we raise $50,000

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